Correction on Churches page

Reid Dickie

I screwed up!

The picture I’ve have had on my Churches page that I thought was St. Agnes Anglican Church in Carberry is, in fact, Knox Zion Presbyterian Church in Carberry. They have similar designs which confused me.

My error was pointed out to me in a contact through the blog from “Anglican Clergyman.” I appreciate the correction. Thank you. There are pictures and short write-ups about 25 Manitoba churches, mostly in rural Manitoba, on my blog here. This is a picture of the real St. Agnes Anglican in Carberry.

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One response to “Correction on Churches page

  1. It can happen “easily” and it happened to me also once. When I am taking a long photographic tour, I try to write immediately what church, color, material and at what time I took photo, but sometimes I forget.

    Great photo. Happy Sunday!

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