Louis Louis

Reid Dickie

I couldn’t resist the heading.

Mr G dropped me a line after seeing the picture of the Louis Riel statue: “whoa … that statue actually looks like Riel! what happened to the old one? (the one hidden by the concrete cylinder so it couldn’t be seen from the street) And it’s a full-fledged bank-holiday too? My how times have changed.”

Indeed they have, Mr G! The original Louis Riel statue on this same site was erected in 1971. An abstract sculpture by Marcien Lemay and Etienne Gaboury the first commemoration depicted Riel’s “tortured soul” and was enclosed in a tall cylinder open to the north and south. It was a controversial thing, as you can tell by the picture which shows it in its present location. The statue was moved in 1996 and can now found on the grounds of St. Boniface College, 200 ave de la Cathedrale in Winnipeg. Yup, full bank holiday as well!! The coffee shops are full and the streets are empty.


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  1. I thought that they put the cylinders there to hide his penis from the public. Pornography has no place in public space/gotta save the conservatives from nature type deal, no?

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