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Manitoba Heritage Building – Boyne School

Reid Dickie

Boyne School, Highway #3, east of Carman, MB

Few 0ne-room schoolhouses remain in Manitoba, especially ones that have been maintained and loved by their communities. By now most of the old schools are granaries, sheds or firewood, making the remaining ones precious.

Boyne School is a prime example of a popular standardized school design. Located right next to Highway #3 just east of Carman, the first school here was built in 1872. Comfortable, well-lit by a bank of transomed windows along the east side, front cloakroom with side windows, raised basement and hipped roof, the present building was erected in 1930.

Closed in 1966, community efforts saved the school which was deemed a municipal heritage site in 1988. Occasionally it is used for community activities. Now a group in Carman is trying to raise $75,000 to move Boyne School from its present site to the museum grounds in King’s Park in Carman. The aim is to restore it as a museum attraction. Fundraising is underway.

Boyne School is unique because it sits intact on its original school grounds surrounded by a fenced playground with a flagpole and the stable where students housed their ponies during classes. Heritage sites maintain their value by being intact in situ. Purists tend to think of museums with moved-in buildings as heritage petting zoos. If Boyne School is threatened in some way – it is very vulnerable along the highway – then the relative safety of the Carman Museum may prolong its existence.

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