Happy Birthday k. d. lang

“You have to respect your audience.Without them, you’re essentially standing alone, singing to yourself.” One of the high points of my summer was seeing k. d. and her new band close the Saturday night show at the Regina Folk Festival. Her respect for us was enormous, obvious and loving. My report on the concert is here. k. d. lang turns 50 years old today. More wisdom from k. d. “Look. Art knows no prejudice, art knows no boundaries, art doesn’t really have judgement in its purest form. So just go, just go.” “A wound is just a highway to a new and enlightened kind of confidence. Damage is one of the things in emotional aesthetics that makes something great. Like all the scars on a tree or a banged up coffee cup or whatever. Everything you go through is marking your soul. And if you have the courage to face yourself, the whole package, you will receive an extraordinary amount of power you may have never realized was  there.” “Women send me their 8 by 10s and their measurements, but the last thing I want to do is sleep with a fan. Because k. d. lang the performer is much cooler than me. Not that there’s really a difference but as a lover I’m not as self-assured and cocky and invincible as she is.” “Elvis had total love in his eyes when he performed. He was the total androgynous beauty. I would practice Elvis in front of the mirror when I was 12 or 13 years old.” “Sometimes, music is unexplainable. You can try to control it but it ultimately follows its own pace and evolution.” “As a singer, when you have something to sink your teeth into, like a great song, it makes our job a lot easier.” “I’m also alternative because of Canada. There’s something romantic about being Canadian. We’re a relatively unpopulated, somewhat civilized, clean and resourceful country. I always push the fact that I’m Canadian.” Watch our national treasure sing “I Confess” the terrific lead-off track on her latest CD.


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2 responses to “Happy Birthday k. d. lang

  1. hi ~ that was beautifully written and i couldn’t agree with you more. k.d. lang at 50 is better than ever if you ask me. thanks for sharing. all the best, janina

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