Camp Hughes – WW1 Training Site

Reid Dickie

To feed the Great Maw of Death, otherwise known as World War 1, Camp Hughes Trenchesrecruiting meetings were held all over Manitoba in 1915, attracting potential soldiers by the thousand. Recruits initially had to be 5′ 5″ or taller with at least a 34-inch chest but the need for cannon fodder was so great, it wasn’t long until the requirements changed to 5′ 2″ and 33-inch chest. Farm boys and cityCamp Hughes Accommodations slickers, patriots and adventurers, almost no one was rejected. In Manitoba the virgin soldiers trained at Camp Hughes just west of Carberry. Today the site is a heritage area that still resonates deeply with its past.

Camp Hughes "town"After spending nearly an hour at the site and filing this video report, I left Camp Hughes with a feeling similar to what I feel after visiting a sacred place. The place still possesses enormous energy that was palpable in many areas of the site.

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