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Newcomb’s Hollow

Reid Dickie

Newcomb’s Hollow – the name conjures visions of strange new landscapes presenting unknown challenges to the mere mortals who dare to go there. In a sense, that’s what Newcomb’s Hollow was, a new beginning for thousands of people homesteading on the prairies. From the Land Titles Office, conveniently located in the little hollow where Turtlehead Creek has its ford along the Boundary Commission Trail, over 1.2 million acres of land were titled between 1881 and 1893. The man responsible was a land titles clerk from Winnipeg named George Newcomb who built his home and office in the hollow that now bears his name. New settlers had to register with Newcomb and pay the small fees before moving out to their claim. Sometimes people lined up for miles out of the hollow and waited days to see George. One of the most significant heritage sites in southwestern Manitoba, Newcomb’s Hollow holds and evokes centuries of history and pre-history.

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