Amy Winehouse

Reid Dickie

Amy Winehouse was the last singer that struck a chord with Linda. She reacted the same way to Amy as she did to Bruce Springsteen – love at first sight! She adored Amy, knew all her lyrics and sang along with enthusiasm. I am certain that Linda and Amy have spent some of eternity harmonizing on those great old Shirelles songs since Amy passed through. Linda loved Amy’s cover of the Zuton’s tune, Valerie, certainly one of great pop songs of the century. Two versions here: the first Amy and solo guitar which shows off her wonderful singing talent; the second with her full band on BBC. Both are enchanting in their own way. What a band!! I love Amy, as well, and feel privileged to have shared a few minutes of eternity with her here on earth. Do you think with a name like Winehouse that succumbing to alcohol poisoning reaction, or whatever it really was, had some pre-destiny to it in Amy’s case?


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