Deleau School Wayside Park

Reid Dickie

This delightful remnant of old school days pops up on the south side of Hwy #2 just east of Deleau, MB. The Deleau/Sifton Centennial Park is the size of four baseball diamonds and once served as school yard for Deleau School. Surrounded by a double row of mature spruce planted over 80 years ago to act as windbreak during the cold times of year, the park offers a wide open space for the kids to run around in, primitive restrooms, small picnic area and the sheltering trees. Yes, the sheltering trees. Listen for the wind as it sieves through the engorged needles of summer. The school house and stable for mules and ponies kids rode to school are gone. A plaque on a rock remembers the school.

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Filed under 1950s, Day Tripping, Manitoba Heritage, Pioneers, Prairie People, Rest Stops

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