It’s the End of the World Today!


Happy End of the World!!

Oh, hadn’t you heard? It’s The End of the World Today! That’s right, it’s today! Caught off guard, in the dark about who gets Raptured and who don’t, wondering if yer on or ain’t on the list to be ascended? Click Armageddon Today to get the answers to all your Endtimes FAQ as explained by Dan Murphy.

Clarification: in a previous post I suggested everyone wear clean underwear on Judgment Day because God docks points for skid marks. My friend Mitch pointed out that God doesn’t do the underwear inspections. That’s St Peter’s job and he’s been in a bitch of a mood lately so I’d highly recommend the clean tightie whities, just to get on St. P’s good side.

…as we know it!

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