Manitoba Herps Atlas

       Reptiles and amphibians are collectively known as herpetofauna or just “herps.” There are 24 species of reptiles and amphibians in Manitoba and you can find them all described, illustrated and located on the Manitoba Herps Atlas. The Atlas, part of the site, is the work of  Doug Collicutt, a local biologist. The site contains information on frogs, treefrogs, toads, salamanders, turtles, snakes and a lizard (yes, Manitoba has a lizard!).  Fascinating and informative!

    Manitoba’s lizard is the Northern Prairie Skink and is mainly found in the Spirit Sands in Spruce Woods Park and the Lauder Sandhills. If under attack and grabbed by the tail, the skink will release the end section of its tail as a distraction so it can escape. The piece of skink tail wriggles wildly adding to the distraction. Watch it happen here. 

Click the pic of the Western Painted Turtle to find the Atlas.


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