Manitoba Flooding – May 9, 2011


Dike protects house near Morris from Red River flooding. Note the canoe.

First Street in Brandon with protective dikes against the rising waters of the Assiniboine River. As of Monday morning, First Street is closed to traffic due to flooding.Assiniboine River flooding

The Canada/US border crossing at Emerson, MB surrounded by the flooding Red River. Looking south into North Dakota, closed Hwy 75 is in the foreground.

 Live flood cam at Winnipeg Floodway gates. Click pic.


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3 responses to “Manitoba Flooding – May 9, 2011

  1. H. C. Earwicker

    Crikey ! That’s a lot of water !

  2. I would say you could send it our way, but we are in the same boat as you are down here in Nebraska. Record level flooding not seen since back in the 1950’s! Missouri River is supposed to stay above flood stage until late August or early September. The interstate sections that area closed in the Omaha area, we are told, should be open again for Christmas. Hope yours drops quicker than what ours is doing.

    • Thanks Clark. It doesn’t seem to matter if the destination is Gulf of Mexico or Hudson Bay, there is water traveling everywhere on the continent this summer. Good luck with your situation and thanks for reading my blog. Much appreciated. Be happy, Reid

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