Brandon’s Flood of the Century – The Water Keeps Rising!

Reid Dickie

A state of emergency was declared yesterday for the City of Brandon. This morning (Monday) an evacuation notice was issued for about 900 homes in a widespread area of Brandon known as “The Flats.” The area is in the valley and the notice covers 4th to 26th Streets North and MacDonald Avenue North. All homes in the area must be evacuated by 8 p.m. today. Access to the City of Brandon from the north is limited and the possibility of closing 18th Street is growing.  Three car dealerships have already moved their product to higher ground and the Corral Centre, a mass of big box stores in the river valley, is threatened. The Assiniboine has already passed the record level in Brandon set during the flood of 1923 and work continues to raise the dikes. Exactly the thing we don’t need – more rain. Between 20 and 50 millimetres of rain is expected in southern Manitoba over the next few days. Brandon’s mayor is holding a press conference this morning.

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