“Out Here, We Is Stoned! Immaculate!”

 Hi Kids,

      It has all fallen into place this time for my western tour. I will be performing nightly at the Kill and Swill Lounge in Ruby’s Meat and Greet Restaurantateria on West Hastings (where the trees are), of course doing my full Little Richard impression complete with fake penis. The fans love it!
      Actually that’s bullshit. I’ve been “contacted” by Little Richard and decided against continuing with his show. Instead I’ll be doing my one-man show called “Two Men” where I play both Buddy Holly and Kurt Cobain. There is no sex but some nudity, no music but some, um, humming.
     All wrong again. I’m having a fake tattoo of Rosy emblazoned on my chest for my Tribute to Dion when I tear open my shirt… The real Dion tried to strangle me one night. Apparently I’m that bad! Huh!
     See ya there.   

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