Sacred Places Locations

      Now that summer returns to the prairies, you may be planning personal journeys to some of the Sacred Places I have written about on my blog. Although several of the sites are on private land and require special permission to visit, most are accessible without consent.

       I have developed driving directions to six Sacred Places in Manitoba and six in Saskatchewan but I don’t plan to publish them. Instead, if you’d like specific easy-to-follow directions to any of these sites, email me at and I’ll supply the details. Please include a bit of information about yourself such as what province or state you live in, your interests, etc.

       The six Sacred Places in Manitoba are:

  • Medicine Rock
  • Star Mound
  • Boissevain Dancing Ground
  • Thunderbird Nest
  • Bannock Point Petroforms
  • Spirit Sands

The six Sacred Places in Saskatchewan are:

  • St. Victor Petroglyphs
  • Minton Turtle Effigy
  • Big Beaver Buffalo Effigy
  • Buffalo Butte Ceremonial Site
  • Pine Cree Park
  • Herschel Petroglyphs – limited access

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