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Mid-Century Winnipeg – Eaton’s Beatle Bar

Ad for Eaton’s Beatle Bar, Winnipeg Free Press 1964

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Counting Down the Top Six Religious Albums of the Week


A big jump for little Lowell Mason this week, in at #6 up from #15 last week.


The mass publicity garnered when Mama Genets was rushed to hospital with another Tums overdose helps the trendy trio hold at #5 this week.


Leaping into the Top Ten from #24 last week, Benny, Nola and Nola’s perpetual bad-hair-day earn them #4 this week. (There is a rumour going around the Internet that even God doesn’t understand Nola’s hairstyle! What if that’s true?!)


Bunnies and bears all under the same hairdo. Li’l’s campaign to put the yeast back in Easter fizzled but he’d still beloved among his numerous shut-in fans who order his albums through the mail. He’s climbing the Top Ten, up from 7 last week.


 The power of wishful thinking comes through loud and clear in Ira’s new release which debuts at #2 this week. He’s touched a nerve or two.


Long known for having a feel for their audience and still holding on at #1 for an astonishing 69 weeks, The Fab Four, The Ministers Quartet and their quadruple platinum classic Let Me Touch Him.

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