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Yurt Update

          In a previous post I reported on reserving yurts at Spruce Woods Provincial Park for the full moons May through August. My plan is to do moonlight hikes on the Spirit Sands on every full moon of the summer. Ah, the best laid plans…

           Yesterday I received a call from the provincial parks call centre saying that Kichi Manitou campground where the yurts are would be closed due to flooding until June 17, the day after my second reservation. Damn!

       The Assiniboine River runs through the park and it is expected to create substantial flooding along much of its course after the spring thaw, which is now underway. Although the yurts are on an elevated section of the campground well away from flooding, the entrance and camping area will likely be underwater. Contrite and mostly professional, the provincial parks guy refunded my money after suggesting alternative dates. Unfortunately, he couldn’t reschedule the full moon.

         The Assiniboine flows through Brandon before it reaches Spruce Woods Park. In recent years, the flat land in the valley in Brandon have been “developed” into a dreadful third mall from the sun big boxorama. There is much concern the whole thing might be swept away should the thaw come too quickly. Additionally, at least one Brandon golf course will be flooded, a dire event many are interpreting as a sure sign of the Endtimes.

      Sorry, folks. Not the Endtimes. Just our usual hubris, the obvious result of following through on a half-bright notion, like building anything on a floodplain. The same notion applied to the same floodplain created the same hubris when the site for Winnipeg was chosen. Every spring Winnipeggers heave a sigh of relief and doff to Duff (Roblin) for his vision to build the floodway that keeps the city safe from flooding. By the way, when Duff  broached the idea of the floodway, people thought he had gone insane.

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Passionate Leave

            Over our first fall and winter living together, Linda and I sat in on an experimental film course being taught at the University of Manitoba by Mario Falsetto. The course traced 20th century development of experimental films and included classics of the genre, films we’d read about but never seen.                 

        One of the films that influenced me was by an American filmmaker named Maya Deren. Her Meshes of the Afternoon inspired me to create this dream starring Linda. In Passionate Leave, Linda dreams she has a dream, sees herself on TV, in TV and passes through the mirror while an eclipse of the sun occurs or does it? Shot on Super 8 at 729 Lorette Avenue late 1978, early 1979. Near the end of the film, there is actually a total eclipse of the sun, which occurred on February 26, 1979, a clear but bitterly cold day to be shooting film.

       I’m especially proud of Passionate Leave.

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