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DickTool Undancin’ Fools

An excerpt from “Mechanical Bliss,” “Modern Dance” is two pieces of undancing with an expressionist influence in the exaggerated monochrome and the looming shadows, illuminated with a slide projector plus two spotlights.  For the “dragging” dance (“a woman’s work is never done” – from our notes in Linda’s hand) we used the sound of take-offs and landings on a mighty American aircraft carrier as our music. As with all dance this is wide open to interpretation though we won’t be starting a new dance craze or win dance contests with either one. Click here to dance.

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Manitoba Heritage House

Two-storey buff brick,  Roland, MB

         Boy, did I catch the right light on this Queen Anne style beauty! The detailing is rich and varied on this old house. Let‘s start at the top. The large gabled dormer on the front has dark brown shingles under the eave giving a perfect background to the elaborate and delicate bargeboard at the gable end. The medium pitched roof works wonders with the rest of the mass. On the front and sunny side of the house, the embellishments are many. Every opening has a brick label over it dripping with pendants. It appears there was a peaked porch over the door which would have shielded the oval window next to the door which is oddly missing its keystone. It matches the oval window between the second floor windows with its short spokes. The quoins on the corners are captured well here by the sunlight and shadow. On the shady side the window decoration is continued as are the quoins and the brick detailing. Overall brickwork is standard running bond. The main floor dissolves in the green hedge.

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