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Big Weekend Ahead!

              Coming Friday March 25 – Reid’s Pop Song of the Month and Why.

              Coming Saturday March 26 – Cutting edge blogging – in tandem blogs Chris and I meditate on “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for…or have I?” Compare and contrast our intergenerational responses.

              Coming Sunday March 27 – Sacred Places and Consciousness, first of a three-part series based on my experiences at sacred sites and the stages of consciousness accessed there.  

               Right now you can be amongst the first people in the world to witness a new DickTool Co video on YouTube. Mechanical Bliss is the most complicated video piece we ever did, complex in intention, planning and execution. Both Linda and I were very proud of Mechanical Bliss. Our three-part send-up of pop culture and pop science is an important DickTool Co piece, sub headed “The Consequences of Music.” Part One is called “Hit Parade” – its topic might be permanence through repetition, then again… Giving new meaning to “playing records” and offered in the context of a clinical instruction tape, in “Hit Parade” the intricate workings of a record player are ineffectually described by a lab technician. It was my idea and stemmed from my fascination with old record players and 45-rpm records, a juvenile pursuit that lasts into old age as it turns out. The record player here is from Linda’s youth, her old Roamer, the one on which she played the Beatles over and over and over again.

            Shot against the white walls of Arthur Street Gallery in Winnipeg in 1979 and lit with an intense slide projector light, which becomes intermittent in the third section, the set is a ladder of shadow and light. Influence came from the German expressionists like Robert Wiene who created The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari in 1919. Stark lines seem to have depth but doubt arises as the odd man begins to move about the set.

            Our little scientist isn’t having much luck with his records as they keep sticking and skipping and the player keeps drowning out his detailed explanation of its machinations. Good thing he’s talking gibberish so we’re not missing anything. As he realizes this isn’t working, he begins an awkward dance, moving in and out of sync with the stuck songs. Finally, he is content to simply lean on the device as it sticks. The songs he plays are Everything’s Alright by the Newbeats 1964, Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah by Bobb B. Sox and the Bluejeans 1963, Martian Hop by the Ran-Dells 1963, Midnight Special by Johnny Rivers 1965 and Catch Us If You Can by the Dave Clark Five 1965. It will only waste about ten minutes of your life. Click on the DickTool Co image below to get the damn thing started.

        There are five more parts to Mechanical Bliss that will be coming online soon. Stay tuned to

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