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Lethal Combinations

Reid Dickie

             Sherry Hudnut is about to change her name. After today she’ll be Sherry Blunder aka Mrs. Buick Blunder.

            In an hour she’ll marry Buick Blunder who drinks more than she likes, who never talks about his work (he always says he works in “security”), who keeps a trunk in the basement she is “never ever” to open (it is double padlocked just in case), whose penis tastes funny. She watches her doubt in the mirror.

            Her mother tarnished Buick by hiring a PI to check out his background. She doesn’t like what she found. He has a past!

            Tempest Hudnut stands outside the door to Sherry’s room holding a blue envelope. Inside is the PI’s report. It is her wedding present to her daughter.

            Tempest taps lightly on the door.

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