The Whole Song Birds of North America Book Now in Birdland

         I wrote about my old collector card bird book a few weeks ago and the response to Birdland has been amazing! I decided to post the entire bird book including front, back and inside covers, sixteen pages of information and all 48 full-colour collector cards. You can find it all on my Birdland page. Here are three sample pages from the book. Tweet this!


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3 responses to “The Whole Song Birds of North America Book Now in Birdland

  1. This little book was such a subtle and formative part of my life. Recently I’ve been looking backwards, tracing the sources of my inspiration as a writer and artist. The venture brought me to your post. Thanks.

    • Hi Chris, The little book’s exceptional drawings and coloration along with all the intimate details of bird life resulted in a precious pivot for many young Canadians. Thanks for being one of them and for letting the rest of us know. I added your lovely blog to my links list. Be happy, Reid

      • Thanks for visiting Dancing on Frozen Beaver Ponds and adding me to your list Reid. I’m just getting back to WordPress now, but am looking forward to exploring your site more. Chris

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