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Linda & Reid in Jamaica

Linda in Jamaica 1986

Reid in Jamaica 1986

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Happy Birthday Guy Maddin

Winnipeg’s Civic Treasure film visionary Guy Maddin said, “Those are my goals, you know. To be smart, tasteless and feeling. Something to shoot for.” and “Rage-thought to live by: in The General, Buster gets so annoyed at his girlfriend’s stupidity for stoking the engine with tiny pieces of wood, he facetiously gives her little toothpicks – which she dutifully feeds into the fire. He then stares at her in disbelief, then delights in her anyway and leaps at her with a kiss. Sweet axiom!” and “Sadness is just happiness turned on its ass—it’s all showbiz!” Roger Ebert named “My Winnipeg” as one of the ten best films of the first decade of the century. Guy turns 55 years old today.

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