Mid-Century Winnipeg – Mall Hotel

The Mall Hotel, Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, 1940s


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7 responses to “Mid-Century Winnipeg – Mall Hotel

  1. Dick Vaughn

    Portage and Balmoral ?

  2. Donna,Hallick

    Hi. The clerk at this hotel had the last name of Krebs and used to live on Good St so he did not have far to walk to work.

  3. Bob Burgess

    Hi, I just purchased a glass with “The Mall Hotel” engraved into it along with a coat of arms style emblem. Can you tell me if there was a bar in the building or maybe the glass came from the soda shop. Any information would be great. I’m going to put it next to the goblet I picked up advertising “Nugget Hotel”.

  4. K Zebiere

    I use to work there during the last 5 years of the hotel’s life. 🙂

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