Watch Ken Wilber Stop His Brain Waves

            This has been one of my Links since the birth of my blog.  Modern thinker and philosopher Ken Wilber is a lifelong meditator with amazing control over his consciousness. I have admired his work and his important teachings for a dozen years, finding him quite helpful in understanding what states of consciousness shamans access. His book, A Brief History of Everything, is a useful introduction to his work. But first,  just click on Ken’s pic and he’ll stop his brain waves for you.


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2 responses to “Watch Ken Wilber Stop His Brain Waves

  1. Sharon Coates

    This photo has real WOW power. Also, your description raises interest in the subject which is already raised for me!!

  2. Sharon Coates

    Reid, what is that beautiful creature on the palm tree street? It looks like a praying mantis in drag. Also, I love the colour of the flamingoes… flamingo sherbert. Thanks for the warm pictures. BTW, love the barn too.

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