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            For the past few years, Linda and I had talked about putting some of our video art onto a DVD and giving it to friends. That dream is now a reality.

            Thirty-five years in the making, The DickTool Kit, a compilation of Super 8 film, video and audio created between 1976 and 1984 by Linda Tooley and Reid Dickie, is now complete and available for public scrutiny. Consisting of four DVDs , one CD, a 64-page book I wrote describing The Kit’s content and some memorabilia from IF…, our vintage clothing store, the Kit comes in an image-window metal box. Over six hours of DickToolery! Sound like fun? 

      The DickTool Kit with Linda peering out of the window of the metal box.

          Operating both as an archival project and homage to beautiful Linda, The DickTool Kit celebrates us when we first fell in love and how we used the enormous creative energy our union ignited. As it says in the accompanying book, “These are the images we chiseled onto the cave wall and lit with a tiny flickering fire.” How wonderful to be able to share them decades after they were created!

            The limited edition of 100 sets were only given away to family and friends. None were made available for sale. However, I donated a copy of The DickTool Kit to the City of Winnipeg Archives and Records Control last year. Jody Baltessen, who is City Archivist and Records Manager, sent me a letter informing me that The DickTool Kit has been catalogued and ensconced in the City Clerks Library collection, specifically in Box A1187. Anyone wishing to view and/or study The Kit can find it in the collection at the City of Winnipeg Archives, 380 William Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

            Jody said some of her staff remembered our vintage clothing store, IF…, and enjoyed the footage about it as well as the video art. Jody and I have worked together in a couple of different capacities for the City of Winnipeg. She is a sheer pleasure to work with – highly competent, creative and humorous – all qualities needed to work for The City.

            You can find more details about The DickTool Kit in Be Happy: Reid’s Year-End Review. The contents of The DickTool Kit are referred to historically and descriptively on the DTC Art page at the top. Twenty-two of the videos from The DickTool Kit can be viewed on YouTube on The DickTool Co Channel.

            The tagline for The DickTool Kit is, “Taking the scenic route to The Obvious.” How much more Winnipeg can you get?


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