What Really Happened Monday, December 20, 2010

         Creation had stalled. The songs were silenced. All matter receded once more into the Void. The Universe held its breath for the briefest of moments, moments that encompassed many of our lifetimes.

          How did we prime the Universe to exhale? What ritual did we have to kick start life?

          If you had no ideas, no resources, nothing to contribute to the priming then stop reading now, leave Creation frozen in that moment, change impossible, utter exhaustion your reward.

          On the other side of the river, Creation eyed you with suspicion, you who had no priming in your heart. The look on Creation’s face flared like emotion across slow water. The faint buzz of dead summer flies hovered in the air. Ancient campfires hid their secrets two feet below us.

           A mixed group of singers and drummers, all shamans, from twelve different nations formed a circle around a small frozen lake in northern Saskatchewan, chanted, drummed and danced for four days kick starting the Universe in a joyous pulse of traditional priming.

         Orion nodded. Creation continued unabated.


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Filed under Saskatchewan, shaman, Spirit

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