My Friend Wrote a Beautiful eBook

            When traveling any path, it is essential to have as many allies as possible in as many different worlds. I am blessed to have Chris Scholl as a spirit ally. We’ve been friends for 12 years, grown together spiritually, traveled together and aided and abetted each other’s development and personal evolution. We are Old Souls, the ones who find each other in times of need.

               In addition to being a therapeutic drummer, imaginative musician and Old Soul, Chris is also a fine writer. His first eBook is now available online and I recommend it. Called Poetistics, this digital photo and poetry collection consists of 85 one-page poems that explore his thoughts and emotions as he grew and changed over the past few years. The poems are short, readable and resonant.  Thoughtful, kind and insightful also apply.

               Each poem has a beautiful and pertinent photograph as a background, usually an evocative nature scene. Words and image come together symphonically and convey a helpful and hopeful message for the future. The font is clear and easy to read. It looks great on any size device from desktop to handheld.

             The eBook comes as a pdf file you store on your computer and view in your chosen format.  Poetistics is available through DNArhythms, Chris’ website here:

             Poetistics costs $22 Cdn. Half the proceeds support the DNArhythms project to buy drums for public schools. I used PayPal with my MasterCard and it was easy, safe and problem free. You can even send the eBook as a gift to someone else’s computer. DNArhythms is always on my blogroll.

           Give yourself and someone you love this shining gift. Thank you.

             Be happy,


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